Venereal Vexations Vanquished.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gates of Horn and Ivory

         Mutiny Magazine #8, featuring the return of Wench Whisperer, has just been inflicted upon the world and -for the first time EVER- i have a direct (do not pass website) link to the mag itself: Mutiny #8.
    Should you be inclined though, Mutiny does have a sparkling new website which is way more lively than the previous one so Go. NOW.
    As well, the first Mutiny pirate cruise will be setting sail this weekend. This is not a Sea of Darkness voyage but, rather, an initiation of new members into the Order of Leviathan pirate group for which Mutiny Magazine is throwing the party because somebody had to do it. i will be aboard ship and at the after party where i may or may not be offering live whisperings from the stage. The Pirates Charles will be appearing on the ship and at the party so come aloft and get yer harle on!