Venereal Vexations Vanquished.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mutiny #14 is out, Minus This...

i had arranged for only two pages in the current Mutiny Magazine and then delivered a column way too long. Our layout editor, Lycan, was creative enough to cram most of the excess onto part of a third page but the final paragraph (the one that ties all the preceding parts together) just didn't fit and thus took a walk down the editorial plank. That's what i get for being long-winded in my generous crusade against human suffering.
    That said, here's the final paragraph of 'Princess Peestain and the Case for Divorce': 

    "...And don't fret over your wife's future prospects, i'm sure the writer of the previous letter will be glad to accept her just as she is because he knows people can work their problems out. Let him try, i don't doubt they'll be content with one another. There, i've solved both your problems. i'm great. You're welcome." 

Read the rest of this terrifying narrative at MutinyMagazine.com (issue #14).